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Busy - the most hated word. All are telling me to be busy. So I was busy searching for the meaning of what is busy ? whom to use and where to use ? even kids are saying in AD - Appu busy.. then in temple, one beggar speaking on phone, ayya, naan konjam busy.. I called a friend from the tea shop, he said, machan. I am busy.. asked for an appointment with a client for giving business ideas and improvements, he is telling me they will meet later. because they were busy with other work. Checking work status with the team, they said they are busy now, and will give status later. Asking the bank teller about the cheque status, they are telling a busy check with another counter.  For an appointment with a doctor, the receptionist telling the doctor is busy, will give next week's schedule. In the recharge shop, mobile recharge is not happening, the guy telling sir network is busy. In the department store, for the out of stock product, asking when I will get it, the store manager replied relaxly, today vehicles are busy, no time to load the stocks. Will do it tomorrow. Even, called the watercan supplier to drop some canes at home, he too said sir, am busy, I will come tomorrow. '' Finally, called customer care. They are also telling lines that are busy. Try again sometime.

If all are busy in what ? to the core getting irritated while hearing this term everywhere. 

This is a fashion term of skipping the work or skipping the persons or ineligibility of work prioritisation.  Most times on the road, people are not able to wait for 60 secs, just crossing the signals, because they are the one having the busiest work. If there's an ambulance crossing, that's not busy, that's an emergency.

I started searching for the actual meaning of busy, that time my wife called me for dinner. I said, I am very much busy searching for the meaning, what is busy ? so will come later. She said, ok i am too busy with little work, let me know prior to preparing.

Even when the frustration happens, I keep searching and find only the acronym and how the term busy is arrived. 

An alternative word for saying "yes" is called "busy".

"BUSY" means "Because U Say Yes" . If we are committing something, we practice to say yes, before finishing that work, load more work then we are accepting the work but delayed delivery, the gap of time is called busy. We say yes, making delay. Most of the time, to avoid the work or person we used to say, we are busy. 

But, per day more than 1000 times hearing this word, don't know who is the creator of this term and purpose ? But, definitely while forming this word, if someone asks what you are doing ? that time what term might be used before finding the word busy.. Still wondering..

Really, surprised that all are busy ? But most successful people used to say, if someone is not managing the work and personal life balance and using the word busy, they are not actually busy, they are showing as busy due to poor management of work, focus and especially worst time management. It's a key to skipping the work time being or taking breath time.

Nobody is ever too busy if they care they will make time.

God is also very busy in listening to other problems, in prayer they are communicating with me, i am busy. You keep doing the work, all will be right soon.

While reading this post, if anyone asks you what you are doing , you can tell am busy reading what is busy ? so all are busy in in this busiest world

I'm too busy now to tell people how busy i am

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