Crying For No Reason

12 Jul 2020 Admin

Now a days, i am not able to understand suddenly my heart becomes heavy and I feel like crying. But i didn't. I am confused why am I feeling frequently like that ? Many might have experienced this.  This could be hormones which is making me so emotional. hmmm kind of universal experience is crying.

Sometimes you may not know why are you crying or why you can’t stop crying. Other times, you might not realise how upset you are until you step back and notice how much you’ve been crying lately.

Looks like stress is getting into me, may be I miss going to work, being with clients, my bike, my home, my friends, roaming on areas in bike for the client works, tea shops, busy with friends to discuss on business. I guess so., may be some other reasons too.

Even having racing thoughts ,

Excess fear and worry
Increased heart rate panic 
Trouble sleeping 
Tense muscles
Unwanted thoughts

But am trying my best to distract from those disturbances, i always love to write poems, articles in tamil and reading books. So, after some office hours by late night am trying my best to focus on those mediums. Also, started breathing exercise, drinking water in empty stomach, hearing illayaraja music and karaoke to relax and divert my mind .

What ever the therapy it may be, but Only thing that keeps me going is my angel daughter Diya ( who tries to keep me engaged with her little naughtiness and beautiful smile.