My Love for writing !!!

03 Feb 2020 Admin

When i was a kid I used to play in streets, fight with my siblings , watch tv. I also had an habit of reading weekly magazine (siruvar malar). I never knew when i got inspired read more books especially created an eagerness to gain more knowledge and value of our language தமிழ்.

I used to be an average student during my school days, but I am not sure what made me to start writing . Looks like I already had it in me because of my father who is also a great writer. Few years back I got a chance to read his writings, no wonder I have got that in me. My father is one of the brilliant writer in tamil due to family situations and commitments killed the passion inside him.

Knowing or Unknowingly I got this habit of writing poems and stories.Somehow I have managed my daily work life and write during night hours. But in my life my thirst for tamil literature was on until I watched “பாரதி” (Bharathi) film, he got into me completely and started driving me.

Then I started reading about him, fell in love with his words crazily , through all the possible media. That’s it I found my mentor who quenched my thirst for tamil. No one in the world can describe about love , motivation, activeness, positivity, braveness , failure , success other than him.Bharathiyar educated me with all kind of emotions.

My inspiration for him made me write more than 100+ poems in last 5 years in different journals but I wasn’t sure where to use it and post it.Thanks to my dearest friend in my life Sudhakar who helped me with the platform called My Kids Diary to share everything I treasure it in my life.

I have promised myself that i will write atleast one post in a week about my experience , my poems, videos, stories everything that’s inspires me in my day to day life

வாழ்வை நினைத்தபின் தாழ்வை நினைப்பது
வாழ்வுக்கு நேராமோ ? – நன்னெஞ்சே !