My Stress Buster

19 May 2020 Admin

From yesterday evening , I am highly stressed due to many factors which lead to bad migraine. Without having medicines am trying to get over it but was unable to sleep. 

Past few years,  i have a habit of reading atleast one page from any book, even yesterday night read Sujatha novels - "Kadavul Vanthirunthar". One of the interesting book but yet to finish it. Even now I am having bad pain .

From childhood onwards i am atmost admired or inspired to the Legend Bharathiyar, whatever i go through in my life i used to think about him and i get  immediate solutions and creative ideas. His poem and stories, all are so much thought provoking. For example today since i am having a severe pain i have started listening to his songs and watched few clips from the movie, few from the thesis of home in Ettayapuram. Even while taking shower in the evening, i started playing Bharathiyar i tunes from library.. His songs transports me to a different  world . I forget my issues and stress for a while. 

For last one hour i was little better because of the world's best medicine Bharathiyar Words.. More than anything my daughter, she is a great therapy our play time, way she calls me and most importantly her love.She is creating best memories of my life..

My Stress has reduced a lot  and now i am able to move ahead a bit.. I am better than before..