What happened in Terrace

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It's an evening time.. may be around 6 pm. 

It was heavily raining for more than 3 hours, Water started flowing in the stairs like falls from the terrace to 2nd floor, followed to the 1st floor and it goes till the sump of road In the ground. The electricity in the home was gone, the whole street and apartment went dark.

Darkness made me not want to go out for a while.. Life is all about expecting the unexpected, which makes it more interesting sometimes with miracles, turning points or revealing the next moment in life with goodness and badness. Predictions are just a coincidence. 

Yes, I too had that prediction before going to the terrace with my daughter. Already my wife went to the terrace to get the clothes, my daughter started searching for my wife after a while.. So, I took my daughter upstairs with a mobile light just to play peek a boo in the terrace.  I was taking my each step with most care and playing in the water with my daughter. Of course, she enjoyed jumping In the water.

Once we reached the terrace, yes we all had fun for a min with the water pool in the terrace by jumping up and down. Then I took my daughter to come down, since there were many flower pots and my wife was busy clearing the mess. 

Sometimes karma will never end till the end of one's death, either it's good or bad. Once my wife became busy with clothes and pots, I said I will move down and asked her to come safely. We both said bye to amma and turned back. Next within a min i couldn't imagine what happened ?

My wife's home is on the 1st floor, the terrace to the 2nd floor may be close to 18 stairs i guess.  My slippers were very light weight which means I don't have grip on the floor, I was holding my daughter in one hand, the water force on the stairs was heavy and while trying to get down the stairs, my legs slipped and next moment I was sliding from the 1st step to 9th step. Imagine on one hand I am holding my baby, if I scream everyone will get scared. My back bone to my legs were hurt badly. The moment i realised that i am falling down with my daughter in the stairs, immediately i held her tightly within my body and covered her fully even the single drop of water could not touch her. Pain in my body made me scream, but I couldn't, simply my daughter would get afraid. She thought I was making a sliding tree with her, the good karma was there which protected me to cover my baby within myself. As a father I was able to safeguard my angel. Not only this time, till the end of our life as a parent we will protect her well and give the best of life which we have missed. 

I did not make any sound, but my slippers did. My wife had a doubt that something had happened while coming down. Within 2 hours she found I was restless due to pain, then I agreed that I fell down and the baby was safe. She said, she will definitely be safe when you are with her, that time I was even more concerned that I have to be more careful in taking each step to give the best for my daughter. As usual, general advice was given to be careful while taking steps on stairs not in life. 

The simple science is if we make good to others in life, even the evil karma will make us safe and secure.

Love makes life beautiful.

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