What if TEA is your best friend

By Admin - 28 Jun 2020 4 0

Tea - is not just a word, it's life. Single tea solves problems, helps for thought provoking ideas.It also helps in making friendship, making love, giving happiness, strength and many more. At most, TEA becomes the main food for people at times.There were days I have lived only with TEA. It's more powerful than any beverages, either it's flavoured or unflavoured it's a different story. Most people love to drink tea in tea shops compared to home or hotels, there are so many reasons behind this. While drinking a cup of tea, there are chances for friendship, business transactions, discussions over world news, corporate world, politics, cinemas, tradings, brokerages . 

We can get to know about many things just for Rs.10. There were many stories started from tea shops. One complete day of discussion and issues that were pending for a long time can get resolved over just 10 mins by the best companion TEA. It helps in focussing on what we are into now, and gives feathers to our brain to think and just transports us to a different world. While holding a cup of tea be it in a glass or a paper cup, the tea cannot be expressed in words, just a simple sip says "No worries, it will be alright". At times we don't express our love in words, likewise tea doesn't but helps us believe so . That's an exchange of love between tea and us.

At home they mentally prepare us, drinking tea may reduce headache but sometimes it may lead to health issues if drunk frequently . But, honestly to me NO. Tea is magic, it can make miracles. In a day, I might be wrong or be it my own experience, generally used to have a cup of tea at home once i wake up, then after breakfast after reaching office, while meeting clients, meeting friends. The count of tea I intake  might go up to 5 to 10 whenever I have meetings with clients or if I am with friends. After lunch till evening again it may be minimum 2 to maximum 5. Once I reach home they might think I had a tiring day, so if luck favours I will get one more tea at home. We never used to tell No for tea, since the boost it gives is different.

Even people say it's not good, but from the poverty line to the top class people any function in home or outside they used to give tea first as a first drink. While meeting friends, tea becomes close friends to us unknowingly. When we are alone tea can become a very good company to look around the surroundings or even eye opener. We never said tea is one of our best friends. When we starve, when we are at our low it provokes our mind and heart .Boost us again without speaking to us. In the current situation as well, we are not advised to drink other beverages. We are asked to drink HOT TEA to increase the immune system. No beverages in the world have 100 flavours rather than TEA. 

It will be realised by only a few people who really felt the real boost of tea in their life. Many people will agree tea is definitely a good partner to sit with wherever you are. Even in a hot, cold location the day starts and ends with tea. A single cup of tea can make changes in life.

Because, TEA is not just a word, it's a life.

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